Sabre Bond TG90 Aliphatic Wood Glue 20kg

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SabreBond TG90 is a high-performance aliphatic wood glue used for the bonding or joining of solid timber, which when cured gives higher bond strengths than standard PVA wood glues in general carpentry and joinery applications. Sabre Bond TG90 is a fast-setting adhesive and is particularly suitable for bonding MDF as well.


Available in:
20kg Plastic Pail


-Furniture assembly
-Cabinet assembly
-MDF bonding


Directions for Use

SabreBond TG90 can be applied using glue spreaders, glue rollers, notched trowels, brushes or other appropriate tools. Dilution is not recommended. Ensure substrates are free from oil dirt or grease.


• Ambient and timber temperatures should be above 15˚C. • Apply enough adhesive to ensure the glue line is fully covered and wet-out when surfaces are pressed together. • Adhesive should be applied as a thin, even coating to one surface only. Parts should be combined, while the adhesive is wet, using good even pressure (30 to 130 psi is recommended). • Parts should be clamped for 3 to 4 hours and will reach full strength in 24 to 48 hours, depending on the moisture content of the timber, ambient temperature and humidity. • TG90 is not suitable for exterior or load bearing applications. • Clean application tools with water before adhesive starts to dry and set. Set adhesive needs to be removed mechanically.

Short Description

A high-performance, fast setting aliphatic PVA wood glue used for the bonding or joining of solid timber and MDF.

  • Interior grade
  • Fast setting
  • High strength

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